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Liquid "Splash" Art is a blast to shoot! Multiple liquids with different additives dropping into or onto different substances never yield the same result twice. Hope you enjoy my newest photographic obsession. You can view, frame and buy any piece at:

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Welcome to Rob German MEDIA

The purpose of this site is to provide you an opportunity to view, download and purchase my original photography work and listen to my original musical compositions. Hopefully you will see a photo you like, as any photo may be downloaded for your personal display use (display only please, photos are too low a resolution for respectable print). Many of my photos are available for purchase through where you can add framing, matting and purchase. Thanks very much for visiting!
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The Landscapes are my overall favorite to shoot...maybe it's the opportunity to take a hike, and oh yes, I'm usually on vacation when taking these. Hope you like them. Go to VIEW GALLERY to view all.

My current equipment consists of: Nikon D700 and D200 Digital SLR Cameras. Nikon Lenses: 50mm2.8, 105mm and 60mm macro, 18-200DX, 80-400mm Telephoto, 14-24mm Wide Angle, Nikon SB800 Speed light(s), Studio: Westcott Spider Lights,Various tables,  backdrops.

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